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Cries from the Toxic Oceans

A site-specific, art-activist event created in 2008, over ten years ago during my Masters degree

The rest of the performance is on my website... worth checking out. It reminds me of extinction rebellions efforts... however, this was eleven years ago. When you check out the full series with the invisible staff trying to tear these texts from the walls with such fury,

as they surrounded the building, is most telling.

I spent months researching the devastating health implications ocean plastic pollution was having on marine life and sea birds... it was shocking. Polar bears have immune system deficiency so influenza, herpes etc can be fatal. The bears eat seals and the blubber of seals is mainly toxic from ocean pollution. This is a massive environmental catastrophe in all ocean inhabitants as well as sea birds.... so in bite size amounts I was telling the stories of these beautiful creatures... text by text all 100 factual texts with a couple thrown in like the one above. Well even the one above is becoming a fact!

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