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Blogging from an eco-artist

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Ok, I've only just decided to start blogging...these blogs will be kind of narratives relating to my art practice and other thoughts as well as connecting with other good peeps out there who feel as I do about the impact of pollutants on our beautiful environment and trying to put a positive spin on it by taking action in what ever way you feel you can.

Yesterday I decided to sell good quality prints for those who are looking for an alternative piece of contemporary eco- art!

When I began collecting ocean plastics 20 years ago, I'd just moved from London to Cornwall with a degree at Central St. Martins under my belt and without a penny in my pocket. I found myslef in one of the most beautiful places I could have imagined... Gwithian in short walking distance of three miles of golden beaches. As I walked Waboose, my dog at that time, each morning and evening across the sand, I discovered manmade plastics strewn along the shorelines. I dragged huge rucksack's full of marine plastics back to a makeshift studio, not sure how I could create something that would give me a sense of purpose as an art practioner.

I could write for hours when I get going... as obsessive about collecting as I am about writing at times.

There will be

The white fishing basket was also washed up on Gwithian beach
One of my very first creations... a kind of sea urchin.. of day I'll name her

many more thoughts and narratives to come...

An artist's statement for a venue in London coming soon...

For the past 20 years the pioneering art practice of Georgina Maxwell continues to draw attention to the lives and imminent extinction of cetaceans and other marine wildlife in their struggle for survival in a plastic-addicted world.

The oceans...our ancient, empathic mother spits out toxins tide by tide, day by day... a cry for help. Our origins began as a magical single cell from the womb of Gaia.

The oceans were the beginning of life on Earth and symbolize formlessness and unfathomable chaos. It acn also be seen as a symbol of stability, existing largely unchanged for centuries until now.

Do we deny ourselves and other species a future or do we recognize and accept renewed responsibility and compassion?

Maxwell has travelled widely collecting thousands of ocean plastics. Most recently she was invited on a research vessel to Svalbard in the Arctic, as an eco-artist allowing for a new body of work.

This year David Attenborough acquired one of Maxwell's art works

Time to walk Wolfy in the sunshine! I'll get back sooon

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