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Creating Bee artwork

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Well from my art practice, I have a deep need to honour all wild life who are helping, maybe unknowingly, but just as importantly, to continue to allow human species to survive in these uncertain times.

It was brought to my attention shockingly... I'm referring to an incident at a place where I live. In the eaves of the roof just by my front door was a hive of very contented happy bees that have been there for at least the last 14 years. I came home one day and found a bloke standing on a ladder with some poison in which he sprayed the hive. Before he did so I pleaded with him to stop as I ran to the phone to contact my beekeeping friend... it was too late. I was incensed that this has not become a criminal offence as I believe it is in France.

It broke my heart as I watched them slowly die, while some of the bee workers were trying to deliver their pollen but had no hive left and thus no queen either. I began to gently pick them up and collected about 200. They are now in the freezer for safekeeping so I can make an artwork to honour their purposeful lives. Yes, their existence in this world is to pollinate not only the 15 acres of gardens that surround my house but the bigger picture of pollinating the food that humans need to survive! The stupidity and lack of knowledge of someone who would order this kind of cruel destruction is difficult to comprehend... it is so unjust. All I can now do is to make an artwork and pay homage to these beautiful creatures of the natural world.

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